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Residential tinting

Residential Tinting provides visual security, while maintaining your privacy and decreases heat entering the home.





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Commercial tinting

HD Tinting offers Commercial Tinting for buildings, offices and local business. Window tint helps decreases power use while increasing security, which reduces overall operating costs.





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                                                                                  Marine tinting

Your privacy and comfort from the sun while boating is also important. HD Tinting provides tinting services for all marine applications.





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                                                                                  Auto tinting

 Offer window tinting service for Auto, Truck, and SUVs. We specialize in High-End Luxury, Collection, Antique   Auto Tinting. Our skilled technicians will provide exceptional service and care for your pride and joy. Using high quality tint ,your investment will last longer than lesser brands.




        Window tinting shade chart

We offer all tint shades, from 50% light to dark 5% limo tint. Please use the chart below to decide which shade is right for you. If you need professional assistance, call us and we will help you choose the right tint shade for your vehicle.

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